How to Catch Freshwater Fish in BC

Knowledge of Freshwater Fish Habits is Crucial offers a wide variety of resources from expert advice from the pros to additional resource links. Our comprehensive species, tackle, equipment and resort sections will provide you with an understanding of how different game fish species live and interact in their habitat, what is required to become a successful angler, and where you should travel for incredible fishing vacations. We try to provide you with the steps to becoming a successful angler, as well as the knowledge for experienced anglers to improve their skills and continue to catch fish consistently.

One significant step in learning to catch freshwater fish consistently is understanding them. Here, each game fish is described in detail as well as their features, various habits and the techniques used to get them. With the info on these pages, you’ll increase your chance of consistently getting more fish.

Bob Riley wrote us and said, “… A combination of understanding the fish and the techniques used to capture them will let you hook more fish, obviously. Your section on species is one of the finest I have seen.”

We also believe that knowledge of the species is crucial, which is why we stress and repeatedly reference this section. By providing you with a detailed knowledge of the various species, which is often overlooked when learning how to catch fish, you will also know how to properly apply the many techniques and the best lures for your targeted species. This segment also functions as a basic reference and guide to the principal freshwater game fish in North America and particularly the Pacific Northwest. So please do investigate these pages. We promise you that there is something for the beginner and the pro.

The Modern Angler

Every day more and more research is conducted on fish physiology, habitats, etc. There has not been a better time for the angler to learn more about this sport. You can reference books, magazines, workshops, fishing stores and the Internet. Please see our Fishing Links section for other on-line fishing resources.

A few things remain relatively constant, while the technologies will constantly change over time — from hooks made of bone, to today’s satellite GPS systems. The general principles of fishing have not changed from as far back as we can see, from luring to capturing, and secondly, the fish themselves have not changed. For this reason we encourage you to research this section to gain a better understanding of the fish species themselves, and impress your family and friends with your superior catching abilities.